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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Portage County Analysis 

(My apologies to those of you who may have been waiting to hear more on this case. As reality will have it, the coming end of the year has been a very busy time on all accounts, so it has taken me much longer to get back to this. However, back I am.)


Now, there are a number of things that stand out very strongly with the Portage County case, and point directly to theories offered in Mr. Hill’s work. For me, it was startling just how well this set of events meshes in with field-propelled UFO’s.

First of all, let’s tackle the reported shape of the object. Per Spaur and Neff, its initial appearance was rounded on top, with a cone-shaped light underneath, like a “partly melted ice cream cone”. It also quite brilliantly lit up the whole area, even the interior of their patrol car. The “ice-cream cone” descriptor is very commonly reported, so this links this sighting with a long chain of other sightings. Hill had a strong idea of why this particular geometry is so prevalent.

The energies produced in field propulsion and maneuvering would induce a plasma sheath around the UFO, directed as a vector away and essentially normal from the base of object. Additionally, as the field is energized for propulsion in steady-state equilibrium with gravity, that force vector will extend proportionally to exertion against gravity. This produces, in turn, a surrounding field with an elongated cone-like region earthward, the point of which pushes along the UFO in flight. This would be consistent with what the two men reported cresting the nearby trees.

Another tie to Hill’s theories is that of the hum reported by Spaur. I find the Hum aspect one of the most fascinating things so often reported in UFO events. Let’s consider a quote from Spaur:

“The only thing, the only sound in the whole area was a hum... like a
transformer being loaded or an overloaded transformer when it changes..."

The “transformer” description of the sound is important on its own, strictly because it ascribes a mechanical, cyclical nature to field. Changes in the operation and performance of UFO seemed to be linked with the character of the hum, as well, which certainly hints at the idea of changing field energies and geometry. Most strikingly to me, however, is the fact that the hum seemed to be the only sound. Not that it was necessarily loud, but that it permeated the area. If indeed the field was cycling, since fields directly act on the environment, that would mean that the hum very likely was a direct sensing of that oscillation. The oscillation would sensibly be almost more felt than heard, and the ears in particular would be cycled in time with field to the exclusion of pretty much any genuine sounds.

Linking these two field senses together, the hum and the field geometry, is reporting of how the UFO maneuvered. The hum and brightness seemed to increase as the object accelerated. As with a transformer powering up, the hum of the field presumably increased as the UFO’s power needs increased. Likewise, changes in direction from steady state would require a change in the vector, which is achieved by changes in two factors:

1. Change in vector magnitude (i.e., increase/decrease the power)
2. Change in vector direction.

I think we’ve generally covered factor #1, at least in the sense that I think we all understand that a change in speed, or more specifically inertia, requires a change in force. In the case of the Portage object, the tilting of the vector’s platform requires that more field energy would be required to keep the UFO from loosing altitude. Speaking of the tilt, this changes the vector from having a purely hovering set of forces to a set of forces that has a horizontal component in relation to the ground.

A final area we need to consider is the way the character of the field-induced plasma changed during the encounter. Those involved in the events noticed that when the UFO increased speed or changed direction, the visual intensity of the plasma increased. This is consistent with the idea that the plasma gained energy as the field was increased, which only makes sense. That is, of course, assuming we are speaking of a plasma. Based on later observations of the object, I feel safe in making that assumption.

The chase began in the pre-dawn hours, so that meant the skies were still dark. During this phase, the plasma glow was one of the brightest objects in the sky, and was clearly defined in its geometry. As a matter of fact, since it was the main source of emitted light in the area, whatever was underneath the plasma sheath wouldn’t be visible.

What happened later, as the sun came up, is classic plasma optics. While the plasma may have been quite bright in the dark, the light emission from sunlight would by far overpower that of the plasma. What then occurs is that the object under the plasma would suddenly be reflecting the much stronger ambient sunlight, and its shape, texture, and color would be come evident. This precisely what the observers reported.

The only puzzling thing for me in the report is that while the solid UFO became visible, and the plasma for all intents and purposes invisible, there was a residual luminosity. While it is merely speculation on my part, it seems possible that a local skin-like field was being employed independently of the propulsive field. This is in line with some discussion by Hill of the use of fields to lessen or negate aerodynamic heating that comes from the high accelerations reported.

So, as far as the close encounter is concerned, let’s sum up: With the Portage County UFO, we have a craft that tilts to maneuver, in along with an increase of field power to maintain altitude. In conjunction, this power increase is evidenced by reporters feeling a hum rising in pitch as UFO performance increased. Likewise, the intensity of the field-induced plasma increased proportionally with the performance increases. This set of factors deviate in no way from the type of UFO propulsion Mr. Paul Hill theorized. None.

Of course, there was a further component to the events of that morning, and that would be the departure of the UFO. Once the object had changed appearance with the coming dawn, apparently it was time for it to leave for parts unknown. This may or may have been due to the scramble of military jets from a local air base. The collected witnesses involved in the ground pursuit watched as the UFO rose very quickly and straight up from the ground.

Expanding the size of the geographical witness base were some Salem, Ohio police officers. They watched the UFO at altitude as it made its exit, with the jets in hot pursuit. Interestingly, the planes produced contrails in-flight, while the UFO generated none. This would be consistent with a propulsion mode other than relatively hot jet or rocket thrust. Indeed, something along the lines of direct application of force using a field would fit the bill.

One more thing to note about the high-altitude chase phase of this event is that a jet trainer pilot reported a hum upon a close pass of the UFO. The Hum! It’s a consistent feature in the reporting of the whole extended chase event, and is important in this segment in particular. Whereas it might be possible to claim that the hum as an actual sound when reported from Spaur’s patrol car, the idea that the pilot of the trainer could “hear” anything from outside his aircraft is highly unlikely. Jet aircraft, from passenger models to high-speed fighters are very noisy beasts. A hum heard from outside would be more as I said earlier – I would really have to be felt. This goes along, again, with the concepts Paul Hill has put forth that UFO’s use Field Propulsion to get around.

There are many cases that have bits and pieces of all of these factors, but in my limited study of specific UFO sighting reports, I have yet to find one that so well illustrates the solidity of Hill’s theories. There is much to build on with a case like this, if only in showing the public where science indeed meshes tightly with Ufology.


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You can read the entire backround so far, including my sworn statement filed with Portage County Municipal Court, view photos, and learn a few things about the rotten business practices of M.M.S.

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