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Friday, October 14, 2005

More Glow 

In reference to the colors of UFO plasmas, it is to be noted that Paul Hill made some interesting commentary on the subject.

Often reported is an object glowing red orange on the bottom surface, with a silver-blue plume of sorts below or around that feature. The yellow-red or orange ionization spectra are of a lower energy, affecting the oxygen in the atmosphere. Continuing on from there, the atmospheric nitrogen present is ionized at a higher energy, issuing its characteristic colors. Now, I have some speculation on this.

Assuming that the forces required and employed for UFO propulsion are field-like, and not rocket-like, it would make sense that there are two distinct balancing factors to complete a fair equation of the system.
  1. The high-power propulsive and maneuvering field would be diffuse locally around the object, emitting its blue glow basically uniformly.
  2. The reaction forces on the object would serve to support and translate the object, but due to the energy losses in doing so, the glow at the boundary of the object would be markedly red-orange in spectra.

I realize that this may not be enough to properly describe the system. Allow me to paraphrase:

As a UFO pushes against the gravity environment around it to move around, the propulsive field is at a high energy, so it glows blue. However, since we are making the wise assumption that the UFO is a real object in this universe, and thus beholden to real physics, it is well understood that not all of that expended energy is going to be returned as force to hold the UFO in the sky. The atmosphere will absorb some of that energy, somewhat as heating, and somewhat as the light emission from the plasma. There is certainly a reaction involved, though, and the plasma effects from that manifest themselves to our eyes as a noticeably red-orange bloom on the UFO underside. A telling part of this whole sequence of events is that the colors are strictly separated and distinct. This is a field effect. Since the field is not causing a combustion plume such as rocketry produces, there is not a general trailing of burning matter to obscure view. The propulsive fields themselves are directly acting on the environment, diffusely pushing against the air and local objects, and much more locally at the surface of the UFO.

For some people, this may be mind blowing. This illustrates how a field-propulsive craft would fit the bill for UFO operation, and even begins to hint at the energy levels and interactions involved.


Very nice blog you have here. Nice format too.
Thank you! I am recently able to spend more time on it, so I welcome the encouragement.
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