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Monday, October 17, 2005

A Handy Definition 

In a recent comment to UFO Glow the term "Stochastic" was used to describe the normal excitation colors in nature, such as that by lightning energizing the atmosphere. For the casual readers of this blog, I thought it might be a term worthy of definition. (I confess that I had to look it up myself.)

From Wikipedia: "An example of a stochastic process in the natural world is pressure in a gas. Even though each molecule is moving deterministically, a collection of them is unpredictable (this is an example of chaos arising from order). A large enough set of molecules will exhibit stochastic characteristics, such as filling the container, exerting equal pressure, diffusing along concentration gradients, etc."

So, in short, stochastic systems are random collections of non-random elements. Speficially, in the case of the atmosphere surrounding a UFO, if the propulsion mode wasn't field-like, the distinct colors and color boundaries would not be in evidence. The plasma colors are NOT typically stochastic for UFO reports.


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