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Friday, September 09, 2005

(UFO) Flight of the Bumblebee 

I’m still slowly churning through Intruders, folks. Budd is indicating that the abduction phenomenon is not always, or even typically, isolated to the individual abductee. Indeed, it seems that large numbers of people, including and up to whole communities may be affected by these activities.

Without getting into the whole spectrum of experiences known with abduction, it seems possible that particular abduction operations (AbOps?) may involve multiple abductees or multiple instances of peripheral persons being “shut off”. That is, certain other non-abductee people may be with the person or persons being abducted and need to be neutralized. In some cases, it may be witnesses not local to the abduction as well.

The latter group of witnesses is what intrigues me at the moment, and I have an idea how observed UFO behavior might fit with this sort of thing. UFOs are often seen to flit about chaotically, descending in the familiar “fallingleaf” pattern, then abruptly changing trajectory to another location. If the operators were trying to modify the environment in which they work, perhaps that seemingly random motion is their travels from place to place they wish to tweak? Sort of like a plate spinner, going from controlled area to controlled area and adjusting the environment to facilitate a successful abduction.

This of course does not directly address my drive to figure out UFO technology, but it does give a possible reason for the operations we see, and gives another bound to the performance characteristics required.

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