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Friday, August 26, 2005

More Radiation at a Distance 

Upon further reading of Intruders, another incident was reported near the Davis home. During the summer of 1983, “Martha Elkins”, a neighbor of both the Davis’ and the Lloyd’s, was awakened by a loud roaring sound outside. Fearing that a plane was about to crash into her house, she immediately got up and ran to her window. While Ms. Elkins didn't see anything of note outside at the time, she did notice that a nearby clock radio began flashing and a nightlight flickered. Obviously, she experienced a power upset similar to the one at the Lloyd home.

Curiously, only the clock radios on the bedroom side of the house were affected, while the rest of the clocks in the home were normal. This is important.

There are a few interesting details to derive from this event:

  1. The field of influence of the UFO, if one did cause these effects, has a defined boundary.
  2. Assuming perhaps a hundred foot long house, a field in discussion with a circular ground footprint, and that the UFO was local to the Lloyd home only at that moment, the field of the UFO may be as little as fifty feet in diameter.
  3. If the event occurred at the same time as the Davis and Lloyd events, a good mapping of the three homes would further define a larger footprint, including an approximate center point at the Davis home and a circumference passing through the Elkins home.

I’m having quite a bit of geeky fun with this!


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