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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The List of 58 - Day One 

UFO UpDates is going ballistic on poor Bob Renaud and his demand for ufological “facts”, though with the attitude he's been copping, he should not be at all surprised. For me, I’ve had my own response to him there, and now I’m back here to address a first set of “facts”. Consider this a raw beginning for the actual, final List of 58:

  1. In most cases involving a craft there is direct evidence, i.e., eye witnesses.
  2. The craft occupies space.
  3. It moves as time passes.
  4. It emits thermal effects.
  5. It exhibits light emission and absorption.
  6. It effects the atmosphere.
  7. It can be photographed.
  8. It has left residual after-effects, i.e., forensic evidence etc.
  9. It has caused electric, magnetic and gravitational disorders.
  10. It has been tracked by radar.

(My great thanks to Mr. Frank Warren from the UFO UpDates List for these facts.)


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