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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Education and the UFO Phenomenon - Revisited 1.0 

I've embarked on a project to start dissecting the book, UFO's - A Scientific Debate, which was a published set of papers and lectures presented at Cornell University in 1968. The main names most associated with that conference are Carl Sagan and Thornton Page.

The tone of the book is, for the most part, fairly negative in terms of the UFO subject having any validity. A few items stand out on the side of the Ufologist, such as a very cogent paper by J. Allen Hynek. Otherwise, the review panel was very establishment-science in leaning.

Written some 30-plus years ago, I have wondered how valid the conclusions of the panel would fare today. Technology and things stranger-than-fiction have all increased in number, and should reflect different conclusions than those in the book.

For those stumbing in upon these pages of the Falling Leaf, let me state that serious Ufology is not a quest to single-mindedly find "little green men". While it is no stretch to suggest that most ufologists believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials, it is more the aim to simply explain the validity, origin, source, and purpose of UFO's. Regardless of the race of the beings associated with them, be they human or non-human.

The first paper in the UFOASD is "Education and the UFO Phenomenon" by Dr. Page. I will post updates to my dissection as they are available.

This is merely the kickoff

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