With the War on Terror and various other news issues taking up all of the limelight as of late, one of my old passions, UFO's Real and Imagined, has been at a low heartbeat. This blog is meant to be a small crash cart in an otherwise quiet area of investigation.

Monday, June 30, 2003

The Kingdom of Brantonia 

Here's The Kingdom of Brantonia! (Beware: High Weirdness Quotient Ahead!)


As I said before, his writing takes some stamina to wade through, but it can be damn interesting. If you have a LOT of time to spend, you can get swept up into the text pretty effectively. A great deal of it talks directly to conspiracy theories of Grey Aliens, Nazi's, Freemasons, etc. Some of it will seem like so much "conspiracy theory", but most of his data can be verified. The pieces of the puzzles that he presents may not fit the way he expects, but it is very informational.

An open mind will learn quite a bit

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