With the War on Terror and various other news issues taking up all of the limelight as of late, one of my old passions, UFO's Real and Imagined, has been at a low heartbeat. This blog is meant to be a small crash cart in an otherwise quiet area of investigation.

Monday, June 30, 2003

Hello All,

Well, let's see, what prompted me to start this blog? One question: Where's Branton? AKA, Alan DeWalton, he's the fellow that very strongly described the reptilian goings-on under the Mesas of the American Southwest. A website devoted to his writings, as circuitous as they may be, still exists. Apparently, he still has a presence out there. However, the last I heard was that he had been injured in some serious way, and was taking a bit of a leave until he felt better.

Here's to hoping he felt better...

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